Sales Careers

Bring your passion to a career you’ll love.

Sales Careers

Bring your passion to a career you’ll love.

Sales Manager

Manage the vehicle sales activities during scheduled hours of operation of the dealership.

what we're looking for

01. Execute accurate, efficient and profitable sales transactions.

02. Monitor and support achievement of monthly sales goals by sales advisor team.

03. Assure consistent execution of management practices that enhance customer service indexes, referrals and repeat business.

04. Manage and monitor systems and procedures for vehicle deliveries.

05. Assure proper scheduling of Sales team to meet expected daily demand.

06. Manage activities for prompt resolution of customer issues.

Finance Manager

Offer and deliver to the dealership’s customers valuable and competitive automobile financing products and services that meet the customers’ needs at price points that are profitable to the dealership while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

what we're looking for

01. Possess the ability to communicate effectively with each customer in order to close business while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

02. Complete all required paperwork quickly and efficiently avoiding errors and omissions.

03. Build trust with customers, vendors and fellow employees by conducting oneself in a professional and ethical manner at all times and regardless of the issues.

04. Adhere to all standards of conduct established by the company, the dealership and the department, including professional dress and appearance.

Sales Consultant

Represent the company in a professional manner while selling and leasing acceptable levels of new and used vehicles.

what we're looking for

01. Meet, greet and negotiate with clients in ways that inspire trust and integrity.

02. Stay informed and educated on all product model features and benefits.

03. Actively listen to prospective clients so that the features and benefits of our products are appropriately communicated.

04. Treat all customers with a high degree of dignity to ensure that the purchase experience yields a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Ace the interview

  • be prepared

    Do a little research on us, understand what we stand for, who we service, what we offer, what the job you are applying for requires.

  • look the part

    We are all cast members in a gray play we call Berlin City Auto Group. Our partners are professionals – they come to work well groomed, in uniform and ready to perform. We look for applicants that look us in the eye with confidence and present themselves well.

  • sell yourself

    Prove to us you are a good fit for Berlin City Auto Group. Show us how the experience on your resume directly relates to your ability to successfully do the job for which you are applying. Be ready to offer specific examples – don’t speak in generalities.

  • ask questions

    We employ partners. Our partners selected us as much as we selected them. Don’t be afraid to ask up questions about the job, our reputation and the things you need to succeed.

  • be yourself

    We value diversity. Relax and show us what makes you special and unique.

Three tough questions

  • tell me about yourself

    Your Response: This is likely a warmup question, but don’t go through your resume point-by-point. Keep your answer to a minute or two. Yes, we want to know about your work history. But, we also want to know about you as a person – what you value, what bugs you, what makes you proud.


    Your Response: We believe that the best predictor of future performance is past performance. We want you to share a real example of how you tackled a new problem – what did you do first, who did you ask for help, how did things turn out?


    Your Response: Illustrate why you are the most qualified candidate. Do this by showing how your skills and experiences closely match the requirements listed on the job description.

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